Current Projects


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Digital Watermarking

A digital watermark is a chunk of information that isidden directly in media content, in such a way that it is unnoticeable to a human observer, but easily detected by a computer. Digital watermarking is a popular solution to identify the copyright ownership and track the usage of digital multimedia works.  The aim of this project is to discover novel watermarking schemes for digital image, audio and video contents.  

Dr. Syed Muhammad G Monir



Robust Face Recognition

The aim of the project is to develop face recognition algorithm robust to illumination, contiguous occlusion, random pixel noise and pose variations. Wavelets have been widely used as an important transformation for pattern classification. It essentially decomposes an image into different frequency subbands. Reported results suggest that some frequencies are more discriminant than others, implying that a careful selection of these discriminant subbands is likely to improve the classification performance.  This project aims to develop a generic algorithm for selecting the most discriminant subbands to improve classification.  Initial investigations have shown promising results for texture classification.

Dr. Imran Naseem